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Press Release - Loser

“Loser” is the sarcastic and jaughty single from the singer/songwriter Anusha. “Loser” takes a humorous approach at confronting a relationship breakdown. If you're looking to laugh, cry, shout - Anusha has a song for that.

LOSER (3).png

This is the second single that is being released off Anusha’s mixtape (out in 2022). Like many people entering her mid-twenties, Anusha has been experiencing some self-discovery, whether she wanted to or not. She decided to write a “farewell” to every toxic relationship, situation and even some parts of herself that no longer served her. 


However, this is not Anusha’s first creative project. When she was 10 years old, she had her first poem published in the cover of a poetry collection. As she grew older, she has always strived to illustrate her surroundings through her poetry, her prose and her singing. It dawned on her that if she could mesh her Classical musical knowledge with eclectic contemporary sounds that were exposed to her as a child she could create a sound that was unique to her. Now taking her inspiration from Bon Iver, Mitski and Sevdaliza; she’s ready to share her lyricism and sound outside of her bedroom. 


Anusha is excited to share some of her inspirations of 90s indie rock and electronic alt-pop and blend it into a song that she hopes resonates with anyone that has been fucked over with too. [insert an endorsement if you have one].


For more information or to request interviews with the artist, please contact Anusha at  


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