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Wild Young Hearts - Noisettes

This album has a strange place in my life for several reasons. I used to adore this the Noisettes when it “Wild Young Hearts” dropped in 2009 (I was 11 years old at this time) and from I vaguely remember, the music was regularly played on the radio and on TV adverts. But when revisiting it this year, I feel like this album is brand new. Maybe because it has a similar sound to the likes of Janelle Monae, who I am very familiar with? Maybe because I can relate to the content of the songs more or I can appreciate the album sonically?

Whatever the reason, I come back to the album often and it makes me feel at home. With songs like “Don’t Upset The Rhythm” and “Never Forget You”, which transports me back to the late 00’s. However, when I revisit “Atticus” I have to appreciate the lyrical prowess of this piece of work. Not are some songs well written but they’re written so tenderly. The Noisettes were able to encapsulate the feeling of being young and wild so well (I guess that’s why the title of the album is so apt).

If you remember the Noisettes and need something to lift your spirits then “Wild Young Hearts” is a great source of comfort and deserves a revisit.

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