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What's New With Nush - Anusha is a LOSER!

It's been a busy week, I'm exhausted but things are finally getting done. Three things have happened this week.

1. I'm being featured in an online publication article with @entertainmentnetworklive as their "Musician Of The Day" . I have absolutely no idea when that will be posted but keep an eye out on socials.

2. I HAVE THE MASTERS BACK, for my second single. It sounds so different - think Mac De Marco/ Green Day (before they turned into Uncles). But I'm so proud of it. It's produced by Juniper so give them a follow on Instagram!

3. I shot the single cover for the LOSER single yesterday. I had a couple of inspirations but I was going for a sad celebration....


It did not go how I expected it to but that is purely because I went in with a vague plan. On top of that, I forgot to shoot in the day time so that means I had to learn how to use a flash. ON TOP OF THAT, my bloody backdrop didn't work and looked kinda shoddy. So, I improvised.

And it came out alright if I do say so myself! I now need to get this pink out of my hair before I have to go to work tomorrow.

You can view some of my pictures and inspiration for my at home photoshoot on - You can join for just £1 to see all the waywardness I'm up to!

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