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What's New With Nush - A Loser Like Me

This month has been hectic and the Christmas "break" couldn't come soon enough. If you're new here - I released a new single called "Loser" in mid-November. The reception has been amazing, so thank you for all the support and love.

A few other things have been happening as well.

  • Loser will be playing on two radio stations: Basement Scene and Unmade Radio. Click to listen to the radio shows.

  • I've released a music video to accompany Loser. It was the most exhausting but the most rewarding experience and I am so proud of this video. I want to thank Sofia for helping out with this video, it was so much fun! You can watch it here.

  • I held a listening party in South London. I had so much fun even though I will never be driving through London from 6am - 9pm (during a tube strike) again. Thank you to everyone who joined either virtually or in person, but don't worry if you missed it...something will be coming really soon.

  • Also, thank you to all of those who participated in the Loser Challenge. I used your comments as little trinkets for the listening party (I obviously muted the names etc.). This was so much fun and I can’t wait to do something similar.

  • Now usually when you release music, you tend to do the shows and a few more interviews to promote the single but that's it. If you know me, I am not someone who likes to follow "rules". I think I want to reinvent the song a little bit - maybe through a short film, maybe through a remix...who knows.

Personally, next year I need to concentrate on my health and find the support that I need. That may mean me moving out of London. That may mean me having to change jobs (again) because London is expensive. I might even need to invest in a cleaner because due to my heart issues, I'm finding it hard to iron clothes... So 2022 is going to be year of reinvention and transition.

I am excited and grateful. Thank you for your support so far.

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