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This is not a birthday post

Having a January birthday is complicated as you drown in news of untimely deaths and the overall mood suffocates you rather than lifting you up. There’s been maybe 4-5 birthdays that I remember and enjoy but really, I just buy myself a drink and keep it moving.

This year has been extremely weird because on top of a pandemic, I feel ridiculously discombobulated. Like I’m floating. I feel neither happy nor sad. I’m just existing. Which I guess is the lesser of two evils.

This month has had it’s blips. My family members finally caught COVID and I have been holding my breath since the day of their diagnosis. I want to recluse and cocoon myself in sorrow because no one likes seeing their family sick. However, the week after I got the news, I got the news that I am being featured on several platforms. So who has had time to slow down. “Not I” said Anusha!

I feel like I am running downhill, tripping over rocks in the rain but I can see the finish line. It’s going to be okay. I think. But for now, I am going to be taking some situations into my own hands.

Whether that means emailing unions to join my campaign to protect their staff and students during this pandemic (please don’t make me go on a political tirade just yet) or if it means limiting my time on social media because I need to finish these projects -  I am still running down that hill.

(There is a Kate Bush joke here but I am too tired to make it).

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