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The Blackfisher and their sharks

This is a short passage from my longer essay which is on Patreon, I name dropped a few people and talked about the inspiration behind the essay.

Here is my take on the industry and it’s contribution to the Blackfishing conversation.

To ignore some of the harmful tropes does everyone a disservice.

But it’s not just these certain music hosts…

It’s the MOBOs being so quick to award Jessie J and Ed Sheeran for their Blackfishing efforts.

It’s allowing Rita Ora to feature on a podcast and openly admit that admitting saying that she’s Black gets her into certain spaces (not for her).

I’m just disappointed. People are allowing non-Black artists to cause harm in spaces that don’t belong to them. Music lovers, the people who work with them, the platforms that refuse to have any decorum.

I don’t think the culture is going to change. White supremacy is a bitch. However, the way to combat this is by supporting artists that embrace their own culture without making it a gimmick. Support the artists who are just trying to make music and not use Blackfishing as a ticket to the big time.

They are out there. Trust me, I know.

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