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Share Your Burden (with me)

Updated: Feb 24

A candle in a dark space. It has a yellow flicker light

I have money. Yay.

I received funding, over a thousand pound funding to fund one of my music projects. First off, I just want to thank Youth Music for funding my project for giving me a chance to be a creator in 2023.

This is the first time that I went for something big. Like I've applied for small funding things before, but like I've never applied for anything that is nationally known. I've always known that my art was worthy of being funded.

I've always known. That being said, as much as this is a start for me, I also want this to be a start for you.

Why? Well, a CD Baby article was published at the start of 2023, predicting that "streaming's dead. No one wants to be online anymore. Everyone wants to be in person". But with 6 million people dead in China due to the erasure of COVID precautions, a new COVID variant is overwhelming hospitals across the world - what does that mean for us?

Are we moving on? Or is the world putting their fingers in their ears and pretending nothing is happening?

I completely disagree with CD Baby. I don't think live streaming/online gigs are dead, but I think there is a consensus that people think live streaming is dead.

That inconveniences so many immunocompromised, disabled and COVID conscious artists.

There I am going to create a project that is online. I've mentioned in a lot of my vlogs that Covid has lessened the resources for everybody and we all are fighting for crumbs. It's unfair, and this is not how the music industry should be. We should all be able to access resources and be able to share our art without any trouble.

So I'm going to do it in two ways.

  1. Promote my Discord for my side venture called The Passion Project. The Passion Project is an organisation that tries to find/create resources and opportunities for under-resourced artists:

  2. I want to invite you to collaborate with me. The project is called Burden My motivations for this project were, wow. A lot of disabled people in this pandemic are being treated like burdens and there's not a collective effort by able-bodied people to counteract this. They too are putting their fingers in their ears.

I want to pay you for your art, written physical art. I want your art to be remembered, especially with physical media because of the way that social media platforms are proving to be fickle.

Payment for half an A4 page is £49.50. I will be prioritising marginalised/under-resourced artists. Please message regardless because I am hoping to publish more of these outside of this project. Email if you are interested.

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