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Carrying On.

I taught myself how to win wars

Without a single bruise.

Sometimes, I think it’d be easier

If I made myself new.

But what’s the point of trying,

When you’re always set up to lose?

It’s hard to find the beauty

Of a world that seems so blue.

I wrote this whilst watching a Dolly Parton documentary on BBC One. I think it was on Christmas Eve? But I was watching this documentary, of a woman who has so many ups and downs in life. She is constantly rebranding and changing up her style, I guess, to prove herself. And as I was watching this, I thought to myself, "Do you not get tired?". We are so accustomed to showing up as if we haven't been through the pits. Everything around us is scary. Yet we're still meant to just carry on. It's hard. And I think that's where my mind was at when writing this (this is a snippet of a song I'm writing). Shit is hard.

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