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Burden Zine Contributors

When I first had the idea of doing a zine about the isolation of immunocompromised people in this pandemic, I thought it’d be a couple of my musings and funny doodles.

I didn’t think so many people would want to be a part of it and would relate to the subject of the zine. As an artist, I was so happy to have so many people want to be on board.

Similarly, it depressed me. We shouldn’t be suffering like this. It’s disappointing the lack of urgency by able-bodied people to advocate for precautions to allow us to enter into the public safely. And this is not the first zine on COVID. Nor is it the first zine about disability - leftists have always circulated zines as a way to educate people on serious issues. Hopefully in this zine, we’ll be able to show our anguish to those who may not be privy to those who’ve been seriously struggling during this pandemic.

And I am so happy to announce that I have three people who are collaborating with me on this project: Jay Mitra @PunkOfColour

Marie Elwell @SaltyBangz

Becky @CreatrixCymraes

Please support them on their social media channels and their other ventures. And be on the lookout for more updates surrounding Burden…

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