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All I ask for is care

And grace

And intimacy

and love

All I ask for is to be seen as enough

As a person

As a body

As flesh

All I ask for is that you don’t forget

about care

about grace

about intimacy

and love

All I ask for is that we don’t give up

But give me space

and time

To feel sadness

To feel anger

Just for a minute, be my anchor

And then I’ll give you space

and grace

and intimacy

and love

Because we might be the only people that truly give a fuck

This poem was created during a space (hosted by Sage Stephanou) held for disabled people who are suffering during this phase of COVID. Currently, I am struggling to navigate how to tend to friendships and relationships as whole. It was comforting to realise that I wasn't the ONLY one who was finding it hard to show up in society when everyone has seemingly moved on.

I wrote this as a hypothetically plea to a close friend. Sometimes (and I don't think it's purposeful) able-bodied people assumed disabled people are asking for the world when we ask for help etc. I've been called many names because I was asking people to complete lateral flows before they come over. Or just be mindful of crowds before they come through my place.

But ultimately, we just need a small bit to help with our anxiety. That's what friends are for. Help me ease my worry and I'll do the same for you. Help me work through my emotions and I'll do the same.

That's what this poem is about. It's simple and short but it truly conveys where my mind was at last Thursday.

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