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Born in Berkshire, Anusha started to show a passion for poetry at the age of 6, and by the age of 10, had her first poem published by her primary school. Her mother ignited her love for music by introducing her to a wide range of different genres (such as; Pop, Rnb, Alternative/Indie Rock)  that inspire her creative process to this day.


She began to study music classically at the age of 13. After achieving the highest grade from ABRSM, she decided to mix her classical music training and poetic exploration, to begin developing her own unique and creative sound. She’s currently influenced by the lyrical rawness of Mitski and Bon Iver whilst also being inspired by the electronic melodies of Sevdaliza. 


She joined local singing groups and started gigging in her hometown. Eventually, she partook in ‘The Henley Festival 2016’ and had her original music featured on Soho radio. After moving to London when she was 18, she began debuting her original tracks at gigs across the Tottenham area; once again taking part in local community festivals. 


Anusha suffered a mini-stroke in 2020 but that didn't stop her releasing music. She released “Someone I Never Wanted” (produced by Fred Lessore) and "Loser" (produced by Juniper) so there is no stopping her now. 

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